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City Nights Live is a live variety and talk show filmed at right here at Bar Nine. Join us once a month for a thrilling ride! We will discuss various topics from current events, entertainment, sports, fashion makeovers, guest Interviews, indie spotlight and more...

In anticipation of their upcoming show with us on July 9th at 6PM, executive producer Nicky "Jaaamz" Ramos was nice enough to email us from her home-base to discuss the live show experience

BAR NINE: What is City Lights Live?
NICKY "JAAAMS" RAMOS: City Lights LIVE NYC is live variety show!

BN: When did it all start?
NJR: Our first show was March 2018

BN: Who is the creator of the show?
NJR: Nicky "Jaaamz" Ramos, Jaaamz Productions LLC

BN: Who are some of the actors/comedians?
NJR: Azia Star, Glory Monell, Justin Lamar, Mala Reignz, Stacey Wade, Adam Diaz, Denise E., and J. Massiah

BN: What is the "City Spotlight"?
NJR: I created this segment to give emerging artist (of all kinds) a platform. Not a platform that is solely based on your "followers" but based on the great vibes your artistry can bring to the masses. Based on the networking opportunities with great people

BN: Who are some of your past guests for the "City Spotlight"?
NJR: Terry Esquire, Moni Nayo, Robbie Maxx and DJ Lil Bruh...

BN: Where do you see this show in 6 months? 1 Year? 5 Years?
6 months, CLL will be blooming as one of the new and fresh platforms for comedy and entertainment. 1 year, gear towards being picked up for network/media! 5 year, CLL being a household name, paving a new lane for sketch comedy and the way we deliver it to our audience...

BN: Is there anything you would like to let our readers know?
NJR: Hope to see you at our next show July 9th 6-10PM at Bar Nine! Tickets are only $15! For all show updates be sure to follow us on Instagram @CityLightsLIVENYC Twitter: @CityLightsLIVE

Steven Padernacht