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Forget everything you thought you knew about Jam Bands. One of the freshest, most exciting, and unique sounding bands on the scene today is the very talented Mind Open. Instrumental and jazz based, with a touch of rock, Brazilian, and psychedelic grooves, the Mind Open experience is one you have to see to believe. The bulk of the material the band plays is contributed by Vibist Chris Covais. The rest? Rare grooves from obscure groovy jazz-funk, rock, and psych records. Make sure you see Mind Open spread peace, love, and good vibrations through the medium of music, at one of their many shows in New York City

In anticipation of their live show with us on August 14th at 8:30PM, the band was nice enough to email us from their home-base in New York to discuss their musical influences, live show experience, and what inspires them on a day-to-day basis

BAR NINE: What type of band are you?
MIND OPEN: Creative

BN: Tell us the brief history of your band
MO: We were formed in 2012 in New York

BN: Who are your musical and non-musical influences?
MO: Bobby Hutcherson, Brian Wilson, Herb Alpert, and Rod Serling

BN: What are your dreams and goals?
MO: To spread love through music

BN: Describe your show, visual and musically
MO: Magical

BN: What's your outlook on the record industry today?
MO: It doesn't have anything to do with art

BN: What's your claim to fame?
MO: Played with Chuck Mangione at age nine!

BN: Tell us a story about a day in your life
MO: Eat, sleep, and play

BN: What inspires you to do what you do?
MO: The universe

BN: What advice would you give to fellow bands?
MO: Be true to yourself

BN: What are some of your pet peeves?
MO: Lack of respect for artists

BN: How does music affect you and the world around you?
MO: It doesn't. Life around me affects the music

BN: What are the biggest obstacles for bands?
MO: Finding an audience

BN: What's the best and worst thing about playing clubs?
MO: People not paying atttention, which helps the music grow.

BN: Tell us about your next shows and why we should be there
MO: It might give some sort of happiness

Steven Padernacht