Bar 9 is a live music venue located at 807 9 th Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen. Current management has been in
place since November 2014. We feature live music 5-7 nights a week. Wed-Saturday is our marquee
show which is the The Original NYC Dueling Pianos. Those days are off limits to any band unless you can
guarantee 50-75 ppl will attend.
Bar 9 is a venue for up and coming artists to showcase their talents, promote themselves and grow their
fan base.
We book both cover bands as well as independent artists playing original music.
As per sound ordinance in place we must have no more than 5 instruments on stage at any one time &
all live music has to end by 11pm Sunday-Wednesday
Promoting the Show- Each band is required to bring a minimum of 15-20 ppl to see them perform. This
should not be hard and the bands that draw the bigger crowds end up with more frequent gigs. The
band is required to tag Bar 9 on Face book, instagram and twitter at least 4 times prior to the show. All
tags must use our hashtags #bar9ny and #upshow as well.The band is required to give Bar 9 links to their
posts so we can repost and spread the word as well. The bands are required to provide a high resolution
photo to us so we can make a flyer as well. This flyer will be done at least 2 weeks prior to the
performance and can be used by the band to promote as well.
Blog- Each band is required to send us a short Bio and description of the bands members, musical type
and songs that the sing. This will be used for our blog which gets promoted on FB, and our website.
Bookings- We like to book no more than 1 time a month unless you feel you can draw a crowd of at
least 25 ppl per show on a consistent basis.
Payout- We offer two scales of payouts.
1) Guarantee of $150 plus you can send the tip bucket out once during the show
2) 10% of the drink/food sales generated during your show from 1 hour prior to 1 hour after
the show is over. You can also send out the tip bucket for this option as well.

Website-Once your show is booked and confirmed, please check the website and email us directly with
any changes that have to be made to the calendar.
Set Times- Happy Hour Gig: Sound Check is 5pm, 1 st Set is 5:30-6:15 and the 2 nd set is 6:30-7:15
Night Gig: Sound check is at 8pm, the first set is from 830-9:15 and the 2 nd set is from 9:30-10:15
These are strict times and ONLY the bar manager on site can extend or cut these hours. If there is no
manager on site the sound tech is next in charge.
Level of Noise- We have strict policies for the sound levels and the sound tech and the bar manager
have final say over the volume. Any band that does not adhere to their discretion will have their show
time cut abruptly and not be paid for the gig.
Backline- We have a complete list of our equipment listed on our website under the
Book Your Band page.

Please sign and date this agreement and bring with you the night of the gig and give to the manager on

Print Name
Sign Name