Live Music at Bar Nine: Lauren Jaimes, Katie Wright & Matilde Bernabei | 8:30PM

We got a triple feature tonight with Lauren Jaimes, Katie Wright & Matilde Bernabei rockin' out the Bar Nine stage tonight! Join us tonight for good drinks, good music, and good times. Showtime is 8:30PM at the only place in Hell's Kitchen where you can hear good, live music on any given day of the week!

Lauren Jaimes is an American singer and songwriter based out of Brooklyn, NY. She is currently working on a degree in Songwriting from Berklee College of Music and hopes to have her first EP out later this year. Lauren combines aspects of country, americana, and indie pop in her unique acoustic sound. Her lyrics find purpose in the framework of a narrative, and her passion for storytelling finds life in catchy hooks and memorable melodies

Second up from Nashville, Tennessee, where Katie Wright spent the first year of her life, to singing in small town Christmas productions, growing up listening to 70s-80s soft rock, to attending the Musical Theatre at New York Film Academy, Katie has found every experience has shaped her singer-songwriter style. While she carries her these past experiences with her, she’s felt the most inspiration in this time of her life, after road tripping across the country from Oregon to New York this past year. Writing music and lyrics that are honest, and sometimes quite vulnerable, Katie finds herself attracted to the spotlight, and yet simultaneously blinded by it. As she moves through life and relationships, she strives to push through her natural shyness in order to remain raw, real, and to truly share something of herself with her audience.

Matilde Bernabei is a flower that demands sunlight, frequent showers of goofiness and chill beats for maximum bloom. This Texas blonde turned Brooklynite has been a storyteller since high school, where her training in musical theater and songwriting practice first began. However, sharing her music is something relatively new. You will realize very quickly how Matilde couldn’t escape the twang and the love of storytelling in her folk, Joni inspired music. She’s a feeler, believer, truth seeker

It's going to be a wonderful night. We will see you there, Bar Niners!